Hey, Nice to Meet You.

Hello I'm Caroline (Caz for short) a Professional Sunshine Coast Pet Photographer and mum to 3 parrots and a cat.

I studied photography for two years at Photography Studies College in Melbourne and completed my Diploma in 2011 at Sunshine Coast TAFE.

I consider myself a calm and caring person who has found her soul work in photographing companion animals. A key aspect of my style is shooting in natural light, both indoors and outdoors. 

I rarely stage a composition or pose my subjects as I wish to give them as much freewill as possible so they feel safe and content, allowing me to document their truest and candid nature.

After losing my own fur and feather babies over the years, I know how much comfort and joy it brings to look back on images that captured authentic expressions and unique character traits.

I look forward to sharing my passion with you in photographing your fur, feather or scaley friends!

Please enquire via the Contact page or email me at hello@carolinemia.com.au 

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Caroline x

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