frequently asked questions

•   Will I be in the photos?

The short answer is, only if you want to be 😊. My focus is on capturing portraits of your fur baby, but if you'd like something subtle to show your presence without posing, photos of your hand patting your fur baby or holding their paw is always lovely.

•   At home or on location?

I recommend choosing a spot that’s special to you, somewhere your fur baby loves or a place that best represents your bond and friendship. I’ve seen amazing sessions everywhere from backyards to tennis courts,lakes to open meadows. Since the setting will end up being the background of your photos, it has a big impact on the overall colour scheme and, ultimately, the finished wall art or product. 

•   What should I bring?

Bring along your fur child's favourite toy, outfit or prop that contributes to their quirks and personality. If we are on location with your doggo have a bowl, water and their favourite treats on hand. I generally don't like to pose pets, however I understand some personalities do better with their owners direction and knowing their good behaviour is going to be rewarded. 

•   Why hire a professional?

With the recent explosion of the digital camera market, and even smartphonesthat take amazing photos, why should you go with a pro? A smart camera does not make a smart photographer. Just because your friend, co-worker, or relative may have a high-speed, high-quality digital camera, does not mean he/she is an amazing photographer. While good “over-the-counter” equipment does help the average consumer up their photography game, a professional photographer brings an artistic vision, approach and creative eye that can’t be bought at the electronics store! 

Low light and high-speed action shots can be tricky for the amateur shutterbug, but pros know how to capture every moment. The end result: Pro photographers can also edit and retouch imagesand design beautiful finished products like custom prints and framed wall art. Your best moments deserve just that - the best.

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