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Let's Make Your Feed Pop!

Setting up your Instagram's Visual Framework can be tricky and time consuming...
Find out how I can wave my magic wand over your feed + teach you how to develop a brand theme & visual plan!

Wait, what is feed curation?

IG is short for Instagram, the world’s 3rd largest social media platform (after Facebook and Youtube) with over 1 billion active users. IG has over 25 million business profiles and 200 million users each visiting at least one business profile per day. But having your business on IG alone isn’t enough; you need to stand out.

Do you ever land on an IG profile and think “WOW that looks aesthetically pleasing, harmonious, consistent, tells me their story and the heart of what their business does"? Please say yes, because all of that has not happened by accident. This is the work of clever visual planning - also known as Content or Feed Curation.

How is this relevant to me?

Content or Feed Curation for business is the art and science of carefully creating an Instagram page, which not only looks great, but provides content which does the following:

  • Appeals to your ideal client: both current clients and to grow your audience
  • Tells your brand story: who you are and what you do
  • Maintains your brand image: harmonious and consistent
  • Provides value to followers: such as information from your industry
  • Encourages follow through on calls to action: for example, to purchase a product

Awesome, so how much?

Pricing will vary based on a few factors such as:

  • The scope of the project
  • The extent of travel required
  • The extent of any photoshoot requirements (such as whether we need to hire a model/s, equipment and studio space)

Once I have an idea of what you are after, I can provide a custom quote for you. Depending on your needs, I can also provide you with different options to meet varying budgets. For those just dipping their feet in the water, I also provide a service to tidy up your existing feed (instead of an overhaul), which includes refinement and direction of your feed for a month without a photoshoot.

Do I get to keep anything?

My services will help you to build a strong Instagram Feed Aesthetic and fundamental Visual Framework for your brand. I’ll work with you to provide you with knowledge of the key aspects around the use of Instagram for business so you can run with it yourself.

I'll be collaborating with you from the get go. I will set up a Dropbox account with all of the images I have photographed and used on your IG feed for you to keep! You can then use them on your website or other digital platforms already edited and watermark-free.


What this is...

  • Develop brand theme & visual plan
  • Create post content pillars
  • Photograph engaging imagery
  • Design graphic content
  • Share market-fit trends
  • Collaborate with vertical accounts
  • Write captions + hashtags
  • Make your feed pretty!

What this isn't...

  • Reposting old product photography (This project is about optimising your IG as a sales channel. We want to funnel customers through to point of sale (whether instore or online) so the content needs to be relatable, authentic and story telling.
  • Management of IG account
  • Posting to other social platforms
  • Posting to IG stories
  • Performance tracking
  • SEO & engagement analytics
  • Influencer marketing

    *If you also require these services, I can provide recommendations for experts to assist with these.

Cool, so what's next?

I hope you are feeling excited and motivated to get the ball rolling with me! If so, please complete the enquiry form below and I will take a look at your website and IG handle and get back to you with a project estimate.

I can't wait to speak with you soon!

Please ensure you double check your email address, or include your mobile number in the message as a second point of contact. The more info you can provide the better :)

  • Who is your current demographic?
  • What do you like about your current brand look and feel and/or what don't you like?
  • Who is your desired target market?
  • How much content are you wanting to cover? (e.g. 1 week, 1 month?)
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